Monday, April 02, 2012

So Where Was I?

It has been way too long.. such is the problem with blogging. You get out of the habit and then it is very hard to get back in. But perhaps this will inspire me!

Yesterday Jack really crawled for the first time. Up on all 4's and went forward. He still flops down on the belly and does an army crawl, but finally he is figuring out the real crawling. And in the same day, he mastered cruising. He crawled up to the bookshelf in his room, pulled himself up, walked along to the play station, walked along that. All with such a proud smile on his face. He is growing up!

Today we are off to Paris again for the 3rd time in his short life. I bet he will be zooming around the Paris apartment.  Will report back from there on said progress.

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