Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Paris Boy

Jack has settled into his Paris life very well. As have we all. This is the best trip so far because the apartment is completely ready for us. The housekeeper had cleaned up after the prior renters, our bed was made, only some laundry drying in the bathroom (but at least it was done!). We brought up from the cave some containers with Jack's toys, our sweaters, coats - all settled in!

Today I went and got Jack very cute shoes, then we went straight to the playground where he walked around (holding my hands of course) and cruised along some equipment. Very cute! He has mastered the waving (though often by flapping both hands), and he loves to say ahhhh while you put your hand in front of his mouth. He even moderates his octaves to make different sounds. We bought him a second book of Tous les Mechants after his favorite Tous les Loups. He LOVES les mechants.. just laughs and laughs when we go through the pages.

He is struggling with jet lag - he was up from 11:30 to 2:30 last night cuddling in our arms. Now he is singing himself to sleep again. We will see how he goes. I am ready for bed!


Anonymous said...

Great report! I want to see those shoes and the Mechants book. He is just one terrific kid! Sandy

Alice said...

Great report! Hope the rest of the Paris visit went well.