Sunday, January 08, 2012

For the Record

Our little Jack Felix, on the eve of his 8-month birthday, slept through the entire night. No cries, no feeds, no nothing except sleeping from 6:30 p.m. until 6:22 a.m. WOW! I nursed him to sleep a bit early b/c he didn't get a good long afternoon nap. After his nursing, he was looking around, not getting soothed, generally being awake. So I put him in his bed and he cried. I waited 10 mins, went back, rocked, shushed, put in his chupon, held, rubbed. Nothing worked and I realized that nothing I was doing was having any impact on Mission: Baby Sleep. So I just put him back in the crib and went to get the dinner ready to put in the oven.  He really wailed when I walked out of the room. It took me about 15 minutes to get it all together. I said to Elise that I'd just zoom over, soothe the boy and then do the last bits. But when I got to his door, the crying was really slowing down. I waited a couple more minutes and then silence. 12 hours of silence. I never thought it possible but he did it. The best was that I slept too - a minor wake up at 3:40 but I fell right back asleep. So nice.

In general he is in such a cute phase. All phases are cute, but especially now.  He really recognizes us. He cries when I leave the room, though is quite quickly soothed by whoever is watching him. He has become a weapon of mass destruction, grabbing everything in his midst. Today he got a glass off the counter that I had to wrestle out of his hand. At the restaurant, he got my knife so quickly, but we managed to prevail. We have a spoon rest on the counter that he loves to bang when he's sitting in the Bumbo. His eating is going so well - today he ate a huge bowl of mamey and cereal. For dinner he had 2 big cubes of sweet potato, half an avocado and some broccoli. He loves to drink water out of a cup. Still no teeth peeking through but they mustn't be far away. He is just generally a very busy baby - looking at his toys, thinking, seeing, putting in his mouth. He learned to shake his head, and he loves to imitate with no, no, no, no, no. So sweet.

He was so fussy this afternoon with his teething and general lack of long naps, so I lay down next to him around 4:00, nursed, and we both dozed for over an hour. It was very cuddly and good. Plus even though I slept all night, he is a lot of work and I was ready for a snooze. Basically he is the best baby ever with the most kissable sweet little face.

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