Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Paris Milestones

1. Solids: He is doing so well with the eating! He gets the spoon right in the mouth most of the time. Damian had the super smart idea of letting him eat his apple sauce using a rice cake, and that was a huge hit. I dipped the cracker in the sauce and he just sucked all the apple off and gnawed his way through the rice cracker. When I was too slow, he would squeal and flap waiting for the next bite. I also gave him mixed vegetables which he loved too. Though a lot ended up in his hair and on the bib.
2. Rolling Over: Today was the big day - he rolled from his back to his tummy and untucked the bottom arm. He was proud! Except it means that now he can no longer be swaddled at night b/c he flips and then has no arms free. However, this little one does not know how to sleep with arms free, so we are now in a bit of a struggle. Hopefully a combination of soothing, crying, nursing, pacifying will eventually lead to the elusive sleep. Poor little thing! He is so sleepy and yet, so awake. Update from a week later: he figured it out, sleeping with free arms! He still flails, and sometimes it helps to calm him down by holding the arms down, but he does it. He is sleeping really well, he does very long stretches of 8+ hours, it's great. With the jet lag, he ends up waking up around 5 ish, we bring him in the bed and I nurse him back to sleep, and often he sleeps past 8:00, and today he slept until almost 9:30! 3. Sitting and concentrating: This is his favorite. Just sitting with his toys, thinking, looking, putting into mouth. He is reaching for things so much more, he wants our phones and iPads, and he isn't always satisfied by getting a different item in its stead. He is a smart baby! We take him out in the stroller but also in the sling and Baby Bjorn for public transport. He's heavy but it works. I went all the way to Michele's house today in the metro with him in the Mei Tai and it worked great. People are so nice, giving you their seat, holding doors... Grand success all in all.

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