Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks in San Francisco

Well, Mr. Jack Felix Milverton has learned to sit up. Minor toppling occurs, but mostly he can sit for a long time. So sweet! And his eating is going so well. He's had bananas, mango, avocado, broccoli, apple sauce. We bought him a special bent spoon so he can feed himself. At first very little food went into the mouth, but yesterday he was a champ and got so much food in his mouth, he was smiling and so proud of himself. I mashed up the bananas and gave him some on the spoon. I tried to give him a long piece of banana to self feed, but he couldn't hold on, too slippery. The avocado was going to suffer the same fate but then we thought to leave some of the rind on, and he got it right in the mouth. Same for mango - just sucked and sucked the fruit. We went for Nepalese food on Tuesday and Gwen had a nice grill of vegetables, we gave him a piece of broccoli which he put right into the mouth, sucked away. He was happy. In fact, he realized that why bother with the hands, just let the broccoli hang out of the mouth. Highly cute.

We had a fab trip with all 3 grandparents. It was such a good break, and so fun to just all hang out together. Next up is Paris. Jack is a jet set baby.

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learp17 said...

Yay for sitting and eating! Isn't it funny how different a six-month-old is from a newborn? I can't wait to see him again!!