Sunday, October 16, 2011


Well, this is a busy time at work. I worked all weekend, late nights during the week. At least the good part of having the office around the corner is that I can zoom home around 6:00 and give Jack his bath, feed him and put him to bed, and then head back to work and finish up. The very best part would be to not have to go back (so far, it's only happened once), but at least it's possible. Jack is so doing well! He is just the best baby ever. He smiles so much, wakes up many days just babbling in his little bed, no crying. He now goes to sleep at 6:30 (into his bassinet awake and then just FALLS ASLEEP LIKE A NORMAL PERSON), and then has one quick awake time in the middle of the night for which Damian provides chupon insertion. And then he is up around 4:00 or 5:00 for a feed, and sleeps until 7:30. It is fabulously great. In fact, it is so much better than how it used to be it's hard to believe. We now have quiet evenings like we did before, just reading or working, watching movies. It's incredible. And the naps.. all very organized and good. He just falls asleep when he's tired without too much convincing. I mean, not every time, but mostly he has 2 good long naps each day. SUCH A CHANGE from a month ago.

On Saturday night (was that just yesterday?) we decided to take advantage of Osiris spending the weekend to babysit while I worked and Damian studied to head out to dinner. I noticed that Morimoto finally opened here, so off we set with a booking on Open Table. It turned out the restaurant hasn't in fact opened yet but was having a friends and family evening, which they welcomed us to, and we got a free dinner at Morimoto in exchange for our feedback. It was very fun!

What else about Jack? He has gone from being able to just hold things, then to grasp them when we put them in his hands, then to reach out (he can now grab the toys hanging down from his plastic archway), to really being able to reach out his hand and take things. He is very grippy! Beware necklaces and shirts. He just grabs whatever is under him (spit cloth, blanket, changing pad) and just hoists it right up. Very cute! He almost laughs when he give him tickly kisses on his belly. He is so curious, always looking around at everything. I can still get him to nap in the sling when I take him for a walk, but he fights the power for a long time, just looking around at everything. He is good at his push up, though he isn't that curious about flipping onto his back. He does it, but not often. Mostly he's happy to lie on his back and look up at his toys, especially his giraffe. He loves Sophie la Giraffe. Now he weighs 17 pounds (7.8 kilos) and is 64 cm's. He seems so huge, but the pediatrician reassured us that he is exactly 50% percentile, so he is as normal as can be.

This is amazing. Everyone says how much you love them and how incredible it all is, and it's all true. I love his sweet face, and then I look at his father and see the same sweet face. Life is pretty good.


Snickollet said...

That photo at the beginning of the post is priceless.

You sound so content. It's lovely.

Alice said...

That is a great report! I miss everyone. We had such a great visit. Jack is one sweet boy!