Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Paris Boy

Jack has settled into his Paris life very well. As have we all. This is the best trip so far because the apartment is completely ready for us. The housekeeper had cleaned up after the prior renters, our bed was made, only some laundry drying in the bathroom (but at least it was done!). We brought up from the cave some containers with Jack's toys, our sweaters, coats - all settled in!

Today I went and got Jack very cute shoes, then we went straight to the playground where he walked around (holding my hands of course) and cruised along some equipment. Very cute! He has mastered the waving (though often by flapping both hands), and he loves to say ahhhh while you put your hand in front of his mouth. He even moderates his octaves to make different sounds. We bought him a second book of Tous les Mechants after his favorite Tous les Loups. He LOVES les mechants.. just laughs and laughs when we go through the pages.

He is struggling with jet lag - he was up from 11:30 to 2:30 last night cuddling in our arms. Now he is singing himself to sleep again. We will see how he goes. I am ready for bed!

Monday, April 02, 2012

So Where Was I?

It has been way too long.. such is the problem with blogging. You get out of the habit and then it is very hard to get back in. But perhaps this will inspire me!

Yesterday Jack really crawled for the first time. Up on all 4's and went forward. He still flops down on the belly and does an army crawl, but finally he is figuring out the real crawling. And in the same day, he mastered cruising. He crawled up to the bookshelf in his room, pulled himself up, walked along to the play station, walked along that. All with such a proud smile on his face. He is growing up!

Today we are off to Paris again for the 3rd time in his short life. I bet he will be zooming around the Paris apartment.  Will report back from there on said progress.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

For the Record

Our little Jack Felix, on the eve of his 8-month birthday, slept through the entire night. No cries, no feeds, no nothing except sleeping from 6:30 p.m. until 6:22 a.m. WOW! I nursed him to sleep a bit early b/c he didn't get a good long afternoon nap. After his nursing, he was looking around, not getting soothed, generally being awake. So I put him in his bed and he cried. I waited 10 mins, went back, rocked, shushed, put in his chupon, held, rubbed. Nothing worked and I realized that nothing I was doing was having any impact on Mission: Baby Sleep. So I just put him back in the crib and went to get the dinner ready to put in the oven.  He really wailed when I walked out of the room. It took me about 15 minutes to get it all together. I said to Elise that I'd just zoom over, soothe the boy and then do the last bits. But when I got to his door, the crying was really slowing down. I waited a couple more minutes and then silence. 12 hours of silence. I never thought it possible but he did it. The best was that I slept too - a minor wake up at 3:40 but I fell right back asleep. So nice.

In general he is in such a cute phase. All phases are cute, but especially now.  He really recognizes us. He cries when I leave the room, though is quite quickly soothed by whoever is watching him. He has become a weapon of mass destruction, grabbing everything in his midst. Today he got a glass off the counter that I had to wrestle out of his hand. At the restaurant, he got my knife so quickly, but we managed to prevail. We have a spoon rest on the counter that he loves to bang when he's sitting in the Bumbo. His eating is going so well - today he ate a huge bowl of mamey and cereal. For dinner he had 2 big cubes of sweet potato, half an avocado and some broccoli. He loves to drink water out of a cup. Still no teeth peeking through but they mustn't be far away. He is just generally a very busy baby - looking at his toys, thinking, seeing, putting in his mouth. He learned to shake his head, and he loves to imitate with no, no, no, no, no. So sweet.

He was so fussy this afternoon with his teething and general lack of long naps, so I lay down next to him around 4:00, nursed, and we both dozed for over an hour. It was very cuddly and good. Plus even though I slept all night, he is a lot of work and I was ready for a snooze. Basically he is the best baby ever with the most kissable sweet little face.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Paris Milestones

1. Solids: He is doing so well with the eating! He gets the spoon right in the mouth most of the time. Damian had the super smart idea of letting him eat his apple sauce using a rice cake, and that was a huge hit. I dipped the cracker in the sauce and he just sucked all the apple off and gnawed his way through the rice cracker. When I was too slow, he would squeal and flap waiting for the next bite. I also gave him mixed vegetables which he loved too. Though a lot ended up in his hair and on the bib.
2. Rolling Over: Today was the big day - he rolled from his back to his tummy and untucked the bottom arm. He was proud! Except it means that now he can no longer be swaddled at night b/c he flips and then has no arms free. However, this little one does not know how to sleep with arms free, so we are now in a bit of a struggle. Hopefully a combination of soothing, crying, nursing, pacifying will eventually lead to the elusive sleep. Poor little thing! He is so sleepy and yet, so awake. Update from a week later: he figured it out, sleeping with free arms! He still flails, and sometimes it helps to calm him down by holding the arms down, but he does it. He is sleeping really well, he does very long stretches of 8+ hours, it's great. With the jet lag, he ends up waking up around 5 ish, we bring him in the bed and I nurse him back to sleep, and often he sleeps past 8:00, and today he slept until almost 9:30! 3. Sitting and concentrating: This is his favorite. Just sitting with his toys, thinking, looking, putting into mouth. He is reaching for things so much more, he wants our phones and iPads, and he isn't always satisfied by getting a different item in its stead. He is a smart baby! We take him out in the stroller but also in the sling and Baby Bjorn for public transport. He's heavy but it works. I went all the way to Michele's house today in the metro with him in the Mei Tai and it worked great. People are so nice, giving you their seat, holding doors... Grand success all in all.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks in San Francisco

Well, Mr. Jack Felix Milverton has learned to sit up. Minor toppling occurs, but mostly he can sit for a long time. So sweet! And his eating is going so well. He's had bananas, mango, avocado, broccoli, apple sauce. We bought him a special bent spoon so he can feed himself. At first very little food went into the mouth, but yesterday he was a champ and got so much food in his mouth, he was smiling and so proud of himself. I mashed up the bananas and gave him some on the spoon. I tried to give him a long piece of banana to self feed, but he couldn't hold on, too slippery. The avocado was going to suffer the same fate but then we thought to leave some of the rind on, and he got it right in the mouth. Same for mango - just sucked and sucked the fruit. We went for Nepalese food on Tuesday and Gwen had a nice grill of vegetables, we gave him a piece of broccoli which he put right into the mouth, sucked away. He was happy. In fact, he realized that why bother with the hands, just let the broccoli hang out of the mouth. Highly cute.

We had a fab trip with all 3 grandparents. It was such a good break, and so fun to just all hang out together. Next up is Paris. Jack is a jet set baby.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another Year

I can't believe almost a month has passed since I last updated. I guess I can believe it b/c I've been working like crazy. But now all is calm.
Jack is now 66 cm's and 18 pounds. This morning of my 39th birthday I took him for a lovely long walk in the sling. He cried at first b/c he was so sleepy yet there was so much to look at, but then he fell asleep and I just walked and walked. It felt so good after being cooped up for so long doing budgets. He didn't sleep long enough though because he is back down for 2.5+ hours and counting. Wow.

We started him on solids this week. He sat in his little Bumbo chair with his tray and shoved the banana into his mouth, and I think some of it was even swallowed. He was very cute! Today I'll try avocado and mango. I bought him a high chair but part of it still to be delivered, so we'll see how he goes with that one too.  He even had his first tastes of formula, which of course he loves. I am still nursing but in Miami and the budget meetings, I just couldn't keep up the pumping to meet the demand of the big boy, so he got a few bottles of formula, and actually it was super convenient for the plane right home to have a bottle ready for immigration and the car ride home. This weekend I did make a fairly good effort to keep up with the supply, which should get us through to the end of the year, especially since we are SF for 2 weeks starting Wed, and then we head to Paris in mid-December. So if I can actually come home in the afternoons and feed the boy myself, I reckon we'll do quite well with the freezer supply.

He is learning how to sit - he still topples over, but he is getting good. And he can sit up in his baby bath with a little help, he leans against the sides and plays with bath toys. So cute! He loves Sasso and reaches out to grab him. He still doesn't sleep through the night, but it's getting closer - the other night he didn't eat until 5:40, though he did cry a few times around 3:00... I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This is how he looks now, with big grey eyes and a cute grin.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Well, this is a busy time at work. I worked all weekend, late nights during the week. At least the good part of having the office around the corner is that I can zoom home around 6:00 and give Jack his bath, feed him and put him to bed, and then head back to work and finish up. The very best part would be to not have to go back (so far, it's only happened once), but at least it's possible. Jack is so doing well! He is just the best baby ever. He smiles so much, wakes up many days just babbling in his little bed, no crying. He now goes to sleep at 6:30 (into his bassinet awake and then just FALLS ASLEEP LIKE A NORMAL PERSON), and then has one quick awake time in the middle of the night for which Damian provides chupon insertion. And then he is up around 4:00 or 5:00 for a feed, and sleeps until 7:30. It is fabulously great. In fact, it is so much better than how it used to be it's hard to believe. We now have quiet evenings like we did before, just reading or working, watching movies. It's incredible. And the naps.. all very organized and good. He just falls asleep when he's tired without too much convincing. I mean, not every time, but mostly he has 2 good long naps each day. SUCH A CHANGE from a month ago.

On Saturday night (was that just yesterday?) we decided to take advantage of Osiris spending the weekend to babysit while I worked and Damian studied to head out to dinner. I noticed that Morimoto finally opened here, so off we set with a booking on Open Table. It turned out the restaurant hasn't in fact opened yet but was having a friends and family evening, which they welcomed us to, and we got a free dinner at Morimoto in exchange for our feedback. It was very fun!

What else about Jack? He has gone from being able to just hold things, then to grasp them when we put them in his hands, then to reach out (he can now grab the toys hanging down from his plastic archway), to really being able to reach out his hand and take things. He is very grippy! Beware necklaces and shirts. He just grabs whatever is under him (spit cloth, blanket, changing pad) and just hoists it right up. Very cute! He almost laughs when he give him tickly kisses on his belly. He is so curious, always looking around at everything. I can still get him to nap in the sling when I take him for a walk, but he fights the power for a long time, just looking around at everything. He is good at his push up, though he isn't that curious about flipping onto his back. He does it, but not often. Mostly he's happy to lie on his back and look up at his toys, especially his giraffe. He loves Sophie la Giraffe. Now he weighs 17 pounds (7.8 kilos) and is 64 cm's. He seems so huge, but the pediatrician reassured us that he is exactly 50% percentile, so he is as normal as can be.

This is amazing. Everyone says how much you love them and how incredible it all is, and it's all true. I love his sweet face, and then I look at his father and see the same sweet face. Life is pretty good.